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Source Control Face Mask

Source Control Face Mask

200928 ABG Mask MP Lens Cap
Manufacturing Capacity

Manufacturing Capacity

Shield Design








The American Vent Free Shield and Cartridge Systems™ have been affordably designed with 100% US-sourced materials to meet the U.S. F.D.A. Emergency Use Authorization guidelines as a source control face mask.  Our system does not use the N95 mask's critical and in short supply meltblown polypropylene.  Our locally sourced and N95 friendly solution means more N95 masks can be used by our hero healthcare providers.  We can be safe and do our part to support the USA.


We are committed to meeting an affordable manufacturer suggested retail price of less than $40 for the AVF kits.  A kit contains a shield, cartridge, recharge tub and accessories.  Cartridges and masks should be cleaned after each use, and the cartridge should be replaced within 3 months of opening.  Refill cartridges are sold separately. 


The AVF System™ for COVID-19 has not been cleared by the FDA or approved by other regulatory agencies as a substitute for filtering face piece respirators or surgical face masks.  The AVF System is a source control face mask which meets the FDA guidelines for Emergency Use Authorization.  Source control face masks may help in preventing or slowing the spread of COVID-19.  The AVF System should not be used in place of a surgical mask or filtering facepiece respirators to provide protections such as: liquid barrier protection, antimicrobial/antiviral protection, respiratory protection, particulate filtration or protection in high-risk aerosol generating procedures.

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Forcefield added to PPE

AVF Cartridge™

Activated Protection

Performance from advanced technology provides you safety unlike any PPE. The cartridge provides the AVF System™ its unique qualities of safety and breathability.  

Safety is our mission. Breathe safely with the protection of cloth filters. Learn more below.  

Breathability or Delta-P is usually a required trade-off for PPE.  However, because the AVF Cartridges™ uses cotton cloth made in the USA to manage its unique capabilities there is zero tradeoff of performance. This will be the most comfortable and easy to wear mask you have ever used.  AVF Cartridges™ are designed for a variety of active lifestyles and speaking engagements. Learn more. 

Cartridge Info
200928 Mask Baby Blue White Strap
Carrier Platform

AVF Shield™

Designed for Comfort & Safety

A major factor to the AVF Shield & Cartridge System(s)™ is the shield. AVF Shields™ are designed with top-quality materials. AVF Shields™ are designed to provide a comfortable seal, and are intended for hours of use without discomfort.

The AVF Shields™ fit design and gasket material provide an air-tight seal. This seal forces air through the opening where the cartridge sits. There are two types of shields designed for larger and smaller bridges. The gasket is heat activated and comfort melds to fit your face.  

There are a variety of headband and earloop alternatives available.  Standard colors are white or black.  The elastic materials is a blend of 30% polyester & 70% latex.  The System enables wearers to provide their own headbands if desired or required.  Mounting options include the standard through shield with seal and the optional adjustable surface mount.

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Benefits of the American Vent Free
      • Meets local mandates for face covering
      • No exhalation vents. Air channeled through the cloth cartridge
      • Cloth is easier to breath through than N95 / paper masks
      • Reusable with just a dunk in the sink with dish soap
      • Replaceable cartridge after 3 months
      • Recyclable materials
      • 100% Made in the U.S.A. (meets the Berry Amendment)
      • Comfortable to wear
      • 2 convenient shapes
      • Many colors of cartridges
      • Black or White Headband (can also be earloops)
      • Convenient carrying case
      • Manufactured in an FDA inspected facility
      • SDS safe components
      • Cost effective
      • Easy to customize
      • Meets U.S. F.D.A. Emergency Use Authorization guidelines as a Source Control Face Mask  Face masks, including cloth facial coverings, when used as source control, may help in preventing or slowing the spread of COVID-19. Face masks are authorized under this EUA to be worn for source control only, including in the healthcare setting.
      • AVF Shield & Cartridge Face masks should NOT be used in place of surgical masks or filtering facepiece respirators to provide protections such as:
        • Liquid barrier protection
        • Antimicrobial or antiviral protection, prevention, or reduction
        • Respiratory protection
        • Particulate filtration
        • Protection in high-risk aerosol generating procedure

Downloads (Coming Soon)

Use Instructions

Use Instructions

How to use the Shield and Cartridge. Info includes, activating, cleaning and storing shield and cartridge. Plus. 
Anti-Viral Results

Anti-Viral Results

A composition of the testing done.


Instructions for Use and Assembly of the Shield and Cartridge System

NDA for Samples

NDA concurrent to the pre-FDA EUA sample offering - found in linked form (here) 

*The AVF System for COVID-19 has not been evaluated by the FDA or other regulatory agencies.

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