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One cartridge replaces over 90 disposable masks. Our initial manufacturing capacity at American Biomedical Pandemic Mask Company could replace over 11 Billion disposable masks!


Source Control Exhaled Breath

Unlike valve-exhaust masks that do very little for community spread - AVF cartridges provide protections for the wearer and those who are around.

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What to Expect

AVF Cartridge Experience

Easy to use cartridge. Link to full use instructions below. 

Snap the cartridge in and out of face shield. Store the AVF shield and cartridge together in the same case. 

AVF cartridges have a large surface to make it more breathable and less stuffy than traditional PPE. Protect your community from exhaled air by using the cartridge that meets U.S. F.D.A. E.U.A. guidelines as a source control face mask.  

Cartridges are manufactured in an FDA inspected facility to medical device specifications and as such are marked with an expiration date. Once a cartridge package is opened it is designed to provide a stable use for 31 days. In emergency situations it is possible to use up to 90 days, please be responsible and replace the cartridges as is necessary to help protect our communities.



Use Instructions